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    It was my selfishness that hurt you so bad... I am so sorry... (19/11/2017)

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How high the mountains are, so deep is the valley. 19/11/2017

How high the mountains are, so deep is the valley.

You are here walking with me in the darkness of the valley. I know you and we've walked this road before. I don't want to let your hand go. Everything is so familiair. I like holding your hand and you mine.
But I don't like the darkness anymore. It's cold and your warm heart isn't enough anymore.
I want light, flowers and trees!
Even tough I keep holding desperately your hand, for I like this so much... I want you beside me. I beg of you to come with me. I don't want to leave you! But all is in vain. Oh how I want to continue this road with you. I like holding your hand and your warm heart. But it isn't enough anymore... Would you understand if I go? The hardest part came; I needed to let go of your hand. My heart shook, my tears fell uncontrollably. In my selfishness I didn't want to let go. Would you just come with me and understand why! It was too late, I needed to take this journey alone.
Alone into the unknown.
Please God, guide me for I am lost.
Your ways are higher than mine.

Oh how weak you made me... but never again. 19/07/2017

You are my kryptonite.
I am thankful that you were tossed in the river and the river led you to the open sea. Further and further away from me... To never come close to me again. To never make me weak again.

Bye my kryptonite, bye ordinary stone you will become...


Someday, the pain will be worth it.
You will learn from it, and other will learn from you. 
Pain will not bring you down. Because there is something far more stronger inside of you.
Maybe you don't know or realize it now. But time will tell, it truly will.
Every day is a new day. And at one point a new day will become a new good day. 


Ik mis veel...
Maar had het niet gebeurd, had ik nog zoveel meer gemist...

TRY AGAIN 18/06/2017

This is the pain you feel when you try it from yourself.
There was no patience.
Wanting and wanting. 
When you knew it wasn't right.
It was the easy way. Wasn't it?
Try again, this time with God. Put more trust in Him.

When love just isn't enough. 18/06/2017

Only love can't make a relationship. 
And I guess the trust was gone... 
But he will be my last one. The last one who gets to hurt me like that.

Make this point a turning point in life. 07/01/2017

When you've hit rock bottom, the only way you can go is up.

Alle tijd van de wereld, maar niet te lang 05/01/2017

Ik wil je liefde geven
Terwijl jij je wegrukt van me
Ik wil je vertrouwen
Terwijl je me beschuldigd
Ik wil je vasthouden
Terwijl jij een pint leeg kapt
Ik wil bij je slapen
Terwijl jij vroeg het bed verlaat
Ik wil je lief zijn
Terwijl jij me thuis alleen laat wachten
Ik wil je tijd geven
Terwijl ik de tijd met jou wil...


It's not a loss, for neither, when you weren't right for each other to begin with. 

Make this song be a life song for me. 04/12/2016

You are my first love, You are my only one
Lord there is nothing else for me
Where else can I go, You have my heart alone
You are the only home I need

I am Yours - Tim Reimherr